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Shake It Caller Tags features original images specifically designed to use with contacts in your address book. Caller Tags are sized to perfectly fit your iPhone and iPod touch. Each image features an alternate version you can view by shaking your device.


Q. There’s an image I really like, how do I see another version of the image, isn’t that the point of this app?
A. Yes! When you find an image you like, shake your device and you’ll get a alternate version of the same image.

Q. How do I apply an image to a contact?
A. Once you’ve found an image you like tap the screen and press the save button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Now exit the application and launch your iPhone’s Photos application. Find your image and select it. Now tap the icon in the lower left hand corner and select assign to contact.

Q. Why are there black bars on the tops and bottoms of these images? You said these were perfectly sized!
A. The images are cropped perfectly so that they don’t get in the way of the other stuff that shows up on the screen when someone calls. Apply one of the images to a contact to see what we mean.

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