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We just submitted two more iPhone apps Bento Box Virtual Sushi and Two Minutes. Woot!

Two Minutes iPhone App Support

Two Minutes is a simple strategy and agility game in the tradition of Tetris. The rules are easy to learn but take a lifetime to master. Two types of items will appear on the screen, Green Gems and Bombs. Bombs must be tapped quickly before they explode. If three Bombs explode your game is over. Green Gems can be tapped for points or you can leave them on the screen and they will turn to White Gems. White Gems will stay in place until there are three White Gems touching. When three White Gems touch they will vanish and give you a multiplied score. The more White Gems you can eliminate at once the higher you score will get. If a Bomb explodes while you have White Gems on the screen the White Gems will be wiped off the board. You have one more tool in your arsenal, you can shake your iPhone or iPod touch which will freeze the game and allow you to move a single White Gem anywhere on the screen. You can do this three times per game. So why is it called Two Minutes? Because that’s how long each game is. How high can you score in Two Minutes?

A Bento Box: Virtual Sushi iPhone App Support

A Bento Box: Virtual Sushi is an iPhone sushi simulator.

What do I do?
You build a bento box and arrange virtual sushi on it!

Because it’s relaxing, fun and a great way to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of sushi.

What else can I do?
Save your sushi arrangements to your gallery and apply them as wallpaper for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

What’s the deal with the store?
We will be adding additional sushi you can order from the store in a future update.

Shake it Sunsets iPhone App Support


Shake It Sunsets features original sunset themed backgrounds specifically designed for you iPhone and iPod Touch. Our backgrounds  are sized to perfectly fit your iPhone and iPod touch. Each background features an alternate version you can view by shaking your device.


Q. There’s a background I really like, how do I see another version of the image, isn’t that the point of this app?
A. Yes! When you find a background you like, shake your device and you’ll get an alternate version of the same background.

Q. How do I apply the images as my wallpaper?
A. Once you’ve found an image you like tap the screen and press the save button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Now exit the application and launch your iPhone’s Photos application. Find your background and select it. Now tap the icon in the lower left hand corner and select use as wallpaper.

Q. Why are there black bars on the tops and bottoms of these images? You said these were perfectly sized!
A. Try applying one of the backgrounds as a wallpaper and you’ll see why. The images are cropped perfectly so that your time and date stamp as well as your “slide to unlock” bar are not compromised by the image.